Staying Awake

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December 3, 2017. This Advent we start hearing from the Gospel of Mark. We don’t really know who wrote it, but after an interview skit with the “author” that gives some context and background, Pastor Penny relates our burdens today with the burdens of Mark’s community in his time. We can be tempted to hide, or to follow the wrong voice. But instead we come to church, to hear the voice of Jesus telling us to stay awake.

*** [Keywords: 2018 66 AD Book of Mark Christ Lutheran Church Gospel Gospel according to Mark I am here now I came I will come again Jerusalem Jesus of Nazareth Jesus’ words are as appropriate to us as they were to Marks’ community Jews John Katie Ciorba Luke Mark 13:24-37 Matthew Pastor Penny Holste Roman Roman General Titus Spirit took me Steve McCarty Washington about your life abuse acute illness problems acts of strangers acts of violence all we can see ancestral home animosity instead of partnership appear after he was raised on Easter author background beginning of something better believed God left them best selling book bloodshed burned temple to the ground cell phone chained to list of things we have to do chapter 13 checking things off church clarify collaborated communion wafer community of Jews community of Mark concern corruption counteract crushed dealing with describe details devastated dialogue doggedly driving don’t give up hope don’t let my life get in the way of my words end of their way of life ending of the book enjoying this season exercise exploited fear fighting amongst themselves first day of new church year flattering four years held upper hand friends giving up guilt hardship is relative hated the Romans he is there with us as well he’s almost here hear different voice instead we come here just as well keep alert listen to wrong voices long awaited Jewish messiah loneliness look for me lose hope lost center of their political and economic world movie moving forward need to get done new attack on Rome next year not a catchy title not seeing things around us one point of view ongoing health issues out of the way people perfect place to start plagiarized positions of authority price of being first probing questions pseudonym ran them out of Jerusalem read the book reading real name religious leaders revolted sacked Jerusalem sermon show so you can see me some gave up sports stars falling started at the end starting to forget starved them out stay awake stone building straightforward strength I give you suffering sun and moon going dark surround taken ideas and even whole sections for their books taste the wine taxation temptation to follow wrong voice that direction this Advent this Christmas this is how I care for you thought we could trust took people away as slaves trying to hide turn on music turning on news two or three of us gathered tyranny of to do list unseasonably warm days waiting to see Jesus we all have our own burdens we change them with our love we don’t kill our enemies we don’t know who wrote it we should not be sleepwalkers where did you live why I wrote the book words of encouragement words of our real leader writings of the prophets wrote everything down wrote for group of Christians your new book]