Christian Service

Christ Lutheran Church has chosen to partner with three organizations that are ministering with people in the community. This year, we are partnering with Webster-Rock Hill Ministries, Humanitri, and Room at the Inn
Webster Rock-Hill Ministries provides assistance for the elderly, unemployed, those with disabilities, and those living in poverty.

Preparing the community gardens for the season

Humanitri, as Christ’s hands of mercy, helps families facing homelessness achieve stability in a safe and supportive community, providing the skills and resources they need to thrive.

Providing gifts for the children in the Humanitri program


Room at the Inn was founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence in 1993.  Their focus in to serve homeless women and their families. They initially provide safe and secure shelter for women and their families, and then focus on providing a wide range of programs and services designed to help them overcome the issues which caused their homelessness and the barriers they face in returning to stable housing. 


The programs focus on issues such as job training, parenting, relationship building, financial literacy and food and nutrition.  Room at the Inn is working towards providing wraparound services after clients leave the program.  

Goals of Partnerships:

Deeper financial impact to a smaller number of organizations over the course of 1 calendar year


Meaningful partnerships:

  • Financial support
  • Volunteer opportunities available for all CLC members
  • Goods (food, clothing, etc.) drives depending on current needs of partners


Partners will present at adult forum so CLC can learn more about the work of organizations. Potential partners will complete a simple application (mission, use of funds, volunteer opportunities, vision for the future)


Theme for 2022-23:  Basic Needs

2024: TBD


Considerations for partner selection:

  • How does the mission/work of the organization align with goals of CLC and Christian service theme for the year?
  • Volunteer opportunities inclusive to  all  members of CLC
  • Christian service committee aims to support our immediate neighbors in need as well as the larger community-