Pastor’s Word

Advent 2022: Great Expectations
We begin Advent with the call to “…be ready, for the Son of Humanity is coming at an unexpected hour” (Matt. 24:44). How can we expect the unexpected? In a world that has already traversed through Easter’s promise, it is often easy to  forget that every year we enter Advent as a season of expectation and promise. We spend the four weeks waiting and watching, with wonder building as we hear of God’s expected transformation of the world.
From weapons transformed into plowshares, through rulers promised to bring justice and peace, over dry places made fertile with life, to God with Us—Immanuel, our expectations grow ever greater. When Mary brings forth her first-born son, wraps him in bands of cloth, and places him in a feeding trough, we find the fullness of God in a tiny child—everything and nothing we expected from the grace of God appearing in the world.
Still, we are called to be heralds of this promise that continues to reverberate through the generations—the light shining in the shadowed world that cannot be overcome. Through this Advent and Christmas season, we are invited into a time of great expectation. We are invited to wrestle with our own expectations of God and God’s expectations for us. Where is God calling us to be willingly watchful? Where is God delighting us with unexpected peace? Where is God filling us with unexpected abundance? Where is God meeting us with the divine in our midst?