Pastor’s Word

When I was a kid, Christmas Eve always meant about 25-30 people gathered at my house. My cousin Michelle and I always came up with creative ways to have fun, and one year when I was about 5 or 6, we decided to climb onto a large shelf in the linen closet in the bathroom, leave the door cracked just a bit, and stay waiting gleefully for the next person to enter. Once someone came in, we got started. We would sing Christmas carols, interspersed with brief “commercials” or announcements, in hopes that people would think we were a radio playing. My grandma, great aunt, one of our other cousins, were among our captive audience that night. I can still feel the giddiness we felt as we waited for the next person to enter the bathroom. I am surprised that no one caught us, because we kept expecting someone to throw open the door and ask us what on earth we were doing!
What is one of your favorite Christmas memories? Send them to Pastor Meagan, so we can share them with the congregation!

This year, we are celebrating Advent and Christmas with some favorite traditions, and also finding some new ways to wait for Christmas in the midst of this world that feels so challenging and chaotic. No matter what happens—whether earthquakes, or political tensions, or Covid shutdowns, or darkening sun (as our Sunday readings mention), Christ is coming. The kin-dom of God is here, among us. God’s promise will not fail, and we await it’s coming with hope and joy!