Pastor’s Word

We have just celebrated the Second Sunday in Easter, and already we have three stories of Jesus appearing to his followers after rising from the dead—one at the tomb, and two in the Upper Room in the days following that first Easter, greeting them with “Peace be with you.” And there will be more! Over and over, we hear about Jesus meeting people and talking to them, letting them know that he is indeed alive.
Each story is a little bit different. Sometimes he names and calms their fears. Sometimes he names THEM, letting them know they are seen and loved. Sometimes he invites them close, so they can see him better. He breathes on them, promises to be with them, eats and drinks with them, teaches them the meaning of the scriptures, calls them to share the good news with others.
John says Jesus performed many other signs that are not written. And Jesus continues to appear to us today, where we are, in many different ways. Just like the disciples, we may at times not recognize that it’s Jesus right away, as fear and grief cloud our view, but Jesus doesn’t give up.
Where have you seen Jesus recently? How have you been fed, renewed, taught, calmed? When have you been reminded of who you are, and that you are loved? What do you need Jesus to show you today? As these days of Easter pass by, take a few minutes to lean in, and listen for Jesus’ voice: I am alive. You are loved. Peace be with you.