Adult Education Forum

In person Adult Forum returns October 3 and will also be available on Zoom. The “live” group will be held in the Fellowship Hall, get a cup of coffee and have a seat at one of the tables. If you choose Zoom just stay connected after the Sunday morning service. We anticipate a 10-15 minute break between the end of the postlude and the beginning of Adult Forum.
Up Coming Forums:
January 9 No Adult Forum, Due to the increase risk of COVID infection from the omicron variant, the adult forum hiatus will extend through January. We plan to resume meeting in the fellowship hall in February.
Past Forums:
November 7 Being Christian in Secular Society. As America becomes more secular, what can we Christians learn from the European experience? Alena and Kersten Horn, who have witnessed the decline of religiosity in Europe first hand, will give an overview of the phenomenon.
November 14 Preparing for the season of Advent in Conversation with St. Luke’s Gospel.” Pastor Roger Ruff, a retired Lutheran Mission Congregation Pastor, has also served as a University Lutheran Campus Pastor, and a Chaplain, U.S.A.R
November 21 Lisa Grazdonic will be joining us to discuss the Baitumal which translates to House of Goods. This is a ministry of the Islamic Foundation of St. Louis to provide basic goods for individuals seeking assistance. Ms Grazdonic will speak about the individuals their organization serves including the Afghani refugees immigrating to the St. Louis area.
November 28 No adult Forum—Thanksgiving weekend
December 5 Diane Drolliger on Clergy Sexual Abuse Diane writes: It’s not just the Catholics… Congregations are being called to create a safe space for those who have experienced pastoral abuse. Pastoral sexual abuse happens in every faith setting, the ELCA included. Learn what the data tells us, how the ELCA handles this issue, and ways to prevent sexual abuse in our churches. Mature content.
December 12-January 2 No Adult Forums