Render Unto Caesar

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October 22, 2017. Is it lawful to pay taxes to the emperor, or not? Pastor Penny discusses Matthew 22:15-22. The Pharisees and Herodians team up to try to trick Jesus, but he surprises them with his answer: “Give therefore to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (NRSV). What should we think about the separation of faith and politics today? How should we treat those with whom we disagree politically?

*** [Keywords: 2017 Act 1: The Trap Act 2: The Escape Act 3: The Dilemma Act 4: The Resolution African Americans August son of the divine Augustus Bible Caesar Christ Lutheran Church Christian missionaries Give to the emperor that which belongs to the emperor God sees us Greek word for actor Herodians Imperial Tax Jewish King James version Matthew 22:15-22 Old Testament Pastor Penny Holste Pharisees Psalm 24 verse 1 Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s Roman Empire Tiberius Unto God that which is God’s act in a play admit against God’s law against Roman Empire amazed ancient times anger approach him approving things ask God’s forgiveness awful coins baptized men in river battle ensued be his friend be more caring become someone you are not blood of Jesus’ sacrifice bring me a coin can’t separate the two claiming Roman emperor was God come to Jesus converted costume could get in trouble criticizes them deep connection destroy enemies didn’t want tax disparage every action don’t pay the Romans eikon engraving every action taken to honor God everyone paid far deeper way father and son feelings fight figure them out flat tax flatter fought war to keep them enslaved four acts further oppress them grab sword graven image had his own protest hadn’t seen this one coming happy to see opposing political party insulted have this special connection to God head of the emperor held them down high priest hold one arm up in air honoring himself how can we not try to understand hypocrites icon idol image of God impartial in favor of Herod just politics justice knife in his back lens let us make humankind in our image look at that face love and care for each other makeup making the point man in charge of Roman Empire money mother and daughter not that we look like or act like God not to pray opposed to Jesus our political opponents overthrew tables of money changers paying the tax place that is more caring political decisions have to be struggled with political opinions we cannot stand political party politics poll-tax powerful to forgive and change pretending to flatter him pretty simple really puppet king question religion responsibility righteous people same deep connection with each other same word say something against Jesus saying things doing things they don’t agree with see eye to eye separation of faith and politics sermon should we pay taxes to the emperor should you pay taxes shouldn’t you pay taxes sixth day of creation society something wrong or unjust sometimes we are like the Pharisees statues of Confederate soldiers stopped commerce strange thing to do supported Empire surprised suspect every motive take off that costume tendency to be like the Pharisees the enemy of my enemy is my friend the rest of us the two do not meet this arm was not baptized threatened popularity and power through the eyes to God that which belongs to God to trap him turn their backs on Jesus two groups came together uncomfortable under big umbrella of our faith understand unjustly unpopular idea using temple values as a Christian values of our faith walk off want to silence warlike Gauls waters of baptism we know you teach the truth went into temple what did you just say whole earth is the Lord’s and everything in it whose image is this whose inscription wig yes you should pay the tax]