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November 20, 2016. If he were alive today, could Jesus have been elected president? In his own time, he was running to be the son of God, the Messiah. The religious leaders of the day saw him as a threat to their power, so they demanded his crucifixion. But the thief being crucified alongside him saw what he was. Jesus said he would be with him that day in paradise. In her sermon, Pastor Penny talks about the nature of paradise. Is it a place? How do we know?

*** [Keywords: Gandhi India Jesus reigns Jewish Martin Luther King, Jr. Messiah Remember me when you come into your kingdom Today you will be with me in paradise action assassinated be there becoming right with God blinded campaign commander in chief crucified crucifixion defame opponents die by the sword elected end of the story face of God king king of love live by the sword mocking no formal leadership out of control pacifist paradise power president presidential material religious leaders salvation savior show up son of God spoiler take part thief threat undermined unpopular]