Pastor’s Reflection

Pilgrimage of Trust

Through our ecumenical discussions over the past months, I had been hearing about the presence of Brothers of Taizé in the St. Louis area at the invitation of the archdiocese. On Sunday, May 28, I participated in the “Pilgrimage of Trust,” a walk of Christians from the Cathedral Basilica through streets of mid-town to Chaifetz Arena. We walked down both Lindell and Delmar Avenues. Brothers of Taizé, the contemporary monastery and gathering place in France, were the leaders of the activities.
In his speech at the concluding service, Archbishop Carlson reminded the audience that he had invited the Taizé community to come to help bring healing to St. Louis after the events of two years ago. The brothers have been in the metro area including Ferguson for many months conducting meetings and religious retreats.
Carlson also reminded the audience that the song lyrics that have been going through his mind lately, are so applicable for this time. “We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand,” and “All praise to the Spirit who makes us one.”
Rev. Dr. Traci Blackmon reminded the audience how things have changed since the last time she addressed a group in Chaifetz Arena. The last time, nearly two years ago, became raucous as speakers were shouted down. Today there is more understanding and while there is a long way to go, some change has been seen.
We are all on pilgrimages of trust. No matter our life circumstances, we are all walking on a road to our final destination. On this road there are grades up that are hard, grades down that are slippery, curves with surprises around them, and some straight places where we go more smoothly. Along all these ways it helps so much when we walk hand in hand, when we are one in the Spirit, and when we trust those who walk with us.
We pray that our walk together at Christ Lutheran is a pilgrimage of trust, where we go with one another helping one another, encouraging one another, and celebrating with one another each step of the way.
God’s peace, love, and encouragement,
Pr. Keith