Pastor’s Reflection

These are the words that help us to look forward to each day as a cherished gift of what God will do within us throughout the season of Advent. If we can focus on the great Advent themes we’ll be observing each Sunday throughout each week, we can really be prepared for the celebration of the birth of Christ.
Throughout the month of December the gospel of Luke will be our guide as we celebrate:
That God is near to us always; even though the circumstances in which we live may be troubling, God is present now and is coming more fully to restore shalom;
That God prepares a way within our hearts to receive the magnitude of the beauty of Christ;
That joy at receiving the gift of Christ already with us and the wonder of his coming again fills us with hope for ourselves that we can share with others;
That peace and justice are breaking through even now as God’s Kingdom is manifest and will be seen and experienced by all as we see God’s breath-taking glory revealed.
The blessing of Advent promises help us to keep perspective when the “to do” lists we compile for ourselves to give our families the best Christmas ever drive us into a frenzy.
Maybe simplifying our own expectations of what has to be done, in order to expectantly receive the gifts God has for us in Christ will enable us to sing “Joy To The World,” and all of the other celebrative songs with more enthusiasm than weariness as the season goes on.
Advent blessings!
Pastor Stephanie