Pastor’s Reflection

The “word” for this month from me is a phrase…..”Beloved Community.” This phrase calls God’s people to live into our identity as the beloved of God. Each week in worship we’ll celebrate God’s delight in Jesus, in people of all backgrounds and in giving gifts to those in the church to make God’s love more widely known and experienced.
Take some time to breathe deeply and consider yourselves God’s Beloved. As we dwell in this thought, it reorients the way we see each day, as well as the larger picture of our own lives and of Christ Lutheran Church.
We’ll start the month of January off with a celebration of Epiphany. Please plan to join in on the potluck lunch planned following the 10:30 am service on January 6. The annual activity of Chalking the (Front) Door of the church will take place, as we commit ourselves to joining in with God’s plans for the coming year through Christ Lutheran Church. Being in a transitional phase especially means being open and eager to seeing how God will continue to shape this congregation into more and more a reflection of the wideness of God’s mercy.
The coming months will give us all opportunity to listen to God together, to reflect on the sacred texts that form us into the Beloved Community through the presence of the Holy Spirit, and to continue to grow in love and grace. I’m looking forward to seeing how CLC rises to the challenges before it because I am certain you are ready for the adventure.
Gratefully serving Christ with you,
Pastor Stephanie