Pastor’s Reflection

Pentecost is coming soon! We’ll celebrate on June 9th the coming of the Holy Spirit to invigorate the people of God to BE the people of God as the church!
This very long season in the church year, stretching as it does all the way through Christ the King Sunday in November and ending as Advent begins, is a season of growth.
Just as flowers, trees, bushes, and gardens all around us are in the season of growth, the church is also called to grow and blossom into vital, colorful, fruitful expression of God’s life-giving presence among us.
I wonder what that will look like at Christ Lutheran Church in the coming months.
Thinking about summer growth reminds me of the reading programs that local libraries are inviting us into. And no doubt, we all recognize the stimulating growth that occurs through reading good materials.
• Therefore, the Worship Team is collecting Bibles, new and used that are in good condition, to place in the pews for easy reference. If you have NRSV or NIV Bibles to share, please place them on the table in the conference room to be put into service over the summer.
• Interest has also been shown by a few people to have a mini-library of good reading materials available to all, so thought is being put into what shape that might take. If planning for this interests you, please contact Carolyn Crowe or me about this.
Building and nurturing relationships with one another helps individuals and the church to experience growth.
• As social events are promoted in the coming months, we are given the opportunity for more than fun times together. Somehow, through sharing our lives with one another, spiritual and emotional growth occur that really enhance the health and growth of the church.
• Inviting one another out for coffee, lunch, dinner, Cardinals games, tennis….whatever venue works best for you, promotes growth that may seem intangible but makes a real difference in our life together.
Since the summer schedule in the church slows down in terms of programs and weekly planning, it becomes a vital time to dream and envision one-off times for service as well as imagining new ministry opportunities.
• Conversations about how to address issues of affordable housing, race relations, how to connect effectively with Webster University and several others are heard to be floating around the church now and then. Summer provides more space and time to gather with a couple of people of similar interest and wonder about where God’s Spirit is nudging and providing resources for action.
• Asking any of the Council members who head up committees where you could help when you have an hour or two would be a nice surprise for them and would give you a better idea of what it takes for the ministries of the church to be fulfilled and growing.
You are an alive, growing body, Christ Lutheran! I look forward to seeing new shoots of life popping up and additional fruit to what you are already producing coming to fruition. I know that you are eager to see those things, too.
Pastor Stephanie