Continuing to Be the Church

Family of faith at Christ Lutheran,
I want to share with you all important news of changes that need to be made, and re-imagining that is happening, regarding ministries of Christ Lutheran in light of keeping one another and our community safe and healthy in this time when COVID-19 is affecting our country. The CDC has recommended suspension of any meetings/groups/events of more than 50 people, and all of the evidence shows that limiting our time physically in the community by not have in-person meetings will significantly help our health care and emergency response systems to provide care for those in most need. Our Bishop Susan Candea is now also recommending that all congregations move worship to a video or electronic format for the near future.
Therefore, the COVID-19 Response Team here at Christ Lutheran has made the difficult decision to close the buildings until the situation changes.
We are not cancelling ministry, we are re-imagining it. And so many of you are already demonstrating a commitment to continue to be the church, especially in this most challenging of times. Here is what we can tell you today about what is happening here at Christ Lutheran.
What we are not doing
  • Anything in person, unless absolutely necessary
  • Building is closed, and support staff are on Sabbatical
What we are doing
  • Council will be meeting by Zoom on Tuesday evening, to make sure we are covering everything and that all are informed about what is happening here at Christ.
  • Lenten Wednesday Prayer video—a link will be sent tomorrow or Wednesday morning inviting people to participate in Lenten Wednesday prayer!
  • Sunday Worship video—a link will be sent by the end of the week to let you know where this video can be accessed, at 9:30am on Sunday, or anytime after.
  • Weekly Zoom Fellowship—an opportunity to check in, via video or phone, with anyone wanting to connect and share encouragement and wisdom and comfort and prayer. A link will be sent in the next day or two for this.
  • Children’s Resources will be sent later today, and children (and adults too!) are invited to draw or make cards, or even write a good old fashioned letter, to be sent to those who are experiencing isolation in this time. Melissa Allen is coordinating these ministries.
  • Pastoral Care—supported by Pastor Meagan, Carolyn, Stephen’s Ministers, and Men’s Group—we will be reaching out intentionally to those who are particularly vulnerable, or who need assistance with getting access to supplies or technology, and will be available for anyone needing support in the coming days.
  • What else is needed? What can you offer to this community, or your neighbors, co-workers, classmates, or friends?
As you can see, we will continue to be the church! Please hang in with us, and give as you can—financially, or with your time—to support ministry, especially in these critical days. We are all grieving different things we have been planning for, we are all anxious as we await further developments, AND we are imagining new ways of encountering one another and caring for one another. And if you need anything, please let us know! We are here to be the church together!
Pastor Meagan McLaughlin
Carolyn Crowe
Kevin Drollinger
Diane Drollinger
Mark Ruff
Linda Griffith
Philip Mudd