Continuing to Be the Church

Update from Covid-19 Team
March 1, 2022
Christ Lutheran family,
Our Covid Response Team met last evening and had some important conversation regarding recent events, and have an important update for all of you.
  • The vaccines we have are still proving to be highly effective in preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death due to Covid.
  • Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid, which six weeks ago were at the highest level we had seen, are now at the lowest levels since last fall, and still rapidly declining.
  • The CDC presented a new set of guidelines Friday, February 25. The guidelines are based on the resources available, and the resources required to respond to Covid, in the community. The metrics considered are new cases, and percentage of hospital beds occupied by Covid patients. Each county is then assigned to High, Medium, or Low level, depending on those numbers.
  • Both St Louis City and St Louis County are currently in the Medium Zone. This means there is still virus circulating in the community, but it is at a relatively low level, and health system resources are adequate to care for the patients coming in.
  • Both the city and the county have ended their mandate for masking.
Current Covid Response Plan
  • As of Sunday, March 6, we will change our policy for Worship to “Masks Optional.”
  • At this time, we can reduce precautions, but that could change at any time. The Covid Team will be continuing to meet and evaluate, and we will return to required masking if that is necessary. We ask your flexibility and patience if and when that occurs.
  • We encourage all of you to make the best decisions for yourselves and your households about how to participate in Worship and other activities at Christ Lutheran. For some, we understand that you may need to temporarily withdraw from in-person activities and commitments. Please let us know if you need to step back from in-person commitments and know that those decisions are expected and respected, and if you have any questions or concerns. We are grateful to have a strong and committed Tech Team supporting online access whenever possible.
  • Most importantly: if you are feeling ill in any way, please take care of yourself and others by staying home, seeking Covid testing and medical attention as needed and possible, and returning to in-person activities when your symptoms are gone.
We know this is a big change for all of us.
Some may be eagerly awaiting this decision, and are ready to start the bonfire.
Some may be feeling a bit of mental whiplash, and be reluctant to put the masks away just yet.
Some may have health concerns, or vulnerable people in their households, or other considerations that indicate wearing a mask will be a necessary part of life for the foreseeable future.
All of these responses are valid and important. All of these feelings were represented among the Covid Team.
Wearing a mask while in our buildings will always accepted without question or judgement.
As always, if there is anything you need, please let us know! Pastor Meagan, Nurse Carolyn Crowe, Stephen Ministers, and your church community are here for you. If you need a home visit, emotional support, spiritual support, support in navigating medical care, a hot meal, or anything else, reach out!
Peace and good health to you in Jesus Christ,
Pastor Meagan McLaughlin
Jess Gunther, Council President
John Hoffman, Worship Committee Chair
Jon Heerboth, Worship Committee
Diane Drollinger, Director of Choirs
Mark Ruff, Organist
Carolyn Crowe, Faith Community Nurse
Dr. Philip Mudd, viral infection specialist
Dave Fey, Fellowship Chair
Kate Hoerchler, Children’s Education Chair