Worship With Us

Changes are happening! Here are the latest updates about Worship at Christ Lutheran.
CHOIR RETURNS They will sing about once a month in Worship this summer, and plan to resume regular schedule in the fall. For those joining us in the sanctuary, a couple of things to know . . . . due to challenge for some choir members to get up to the choir loft, the choir will be singing on the main floor of the sanctuary. The Covid Team conferred about this move, and given that the choir is fully vaccinated, and given all of the data we have, the team has a consensus that the choir will remove masks while singing so that they can be heard well.
COMMUNION SERVED FROM THE FRONT We began serving communion from the front of the sanctuary on June 27! I will thoroughly wash and sanitize my hands and serve wafers to each person, and we will have individual cups for wine and grape juice. If you wish to continue to bring your own communion, please feel free to do so, but all are welcome to come forward, remove your masks to receive the sacrament, and replace your masks to return to your seats. There will be recycling bowls for you to deposit your cup as you return to your seat.
COMMUNITY PRECAUTIONS A word about masks and distancing . . . we are continuing to require wearing of masks by the congregation on Sunday at Worship. We are asking for all of us to take this small action of love and care for the community as a whole. Here is why we are asking that. First, we as a congregation do have a high percentage of people in the congregation who have been vaccinated, which is awesome! We also have many children 11 and under in the congregation who are not yet eligible for vaccination, and congregational members who have suppressed immune systems and other concerns that put them at greater risk. Wearing a mask lets them know that we invite and welcome their presence with us.
Second, Covid Team and Worship Team have agreed that we are not requiring vaccination to be present at Worship, which means that although we have a very high percentage of vaccinated members, we are a mixed congregation on Sunday morning—there will be some present who will not be vaccinated, for many reasons. Those people are more vulnerable when we gather, and wearing a mask is an easy way to make it safer for all who gather.
Third, we know that there are variants that are causing surges in illness and hospitalizations in other areas of the state and country. Most of the variants are well-addressed by our current vaccines, which are highly safe and effective. And, in a situation where we are taking the steps of being in a larger group indoors, where some are not yet eligible for vaccine and some have complicating risk factors, where we love to SING, wearing a masks is a very simple thing we can do to make it a space that is safer for the whole community as we move forward together.
We as Christians are called to love one another, and care most especially for the most vulnerable among us. We thank you for loving and caring for one another! THANK YOU!!! We thank you again for your patience and grace.
We want to hear from you! Please do continue to share any thoughts, concerns, questions, and ideas you have as we go forward, and know we are working very hard to listen, adapt, evolve, and smooth out our glitches as well as possible.
Pastor Meagan, Kevin Drollinger, Dr Philip Mudd, Carolyn Crowe, Jon Heerboth, John Hoffman, Becca Jordan, Kate Hoerchler