We’ve Got Work to Do

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February 26, 2017. We live in different worlds and have different experiences. We are white and black, police and nonpolice, hopeful and hopeless. It’s all too easy to live our lives without knowing how other people live theirs. But when that bubble bursts, what do we do? Being exposed to new truths can be overwhelming. Pastor Penny relates this to how it must have been for Jesus’ disciples, wondering whether they were on the right track following him. Jesus shared his vision with the disciples. What is God’s vision for us, and what are we called to do with this new understanding?

*** [Keywords: African Americans Bible Easter morning Father 2 Father Ferguson Get up and don’t be afraid God was at work God’s action in our world Holy Redeemer James Jerusalem Jesus would be crucified Jewish cemetary Jews John Lenten journey Lutheran Mediterranean Muslim PBS Peter Pontius Pilate Roman Catholic Rust Belt Syrians The Talk This is my son, the beloved, in whom I am well pleased Transfiguration United Nations a few bad actors actions of Jesus afraid agonizing experiences alive again anger animosity ban been followed in store black people bottom of socioeconomic ladder boy’s body brightness brought people together bubble burst caucasians civil war cloud college students come to worship command conflict country courage to listen cowardice crack open these silos crowds came out crucified days that followed demean different experience disappearing lifestyles disciples dishonor documentary drought drowned election face to face fisherman follow him forgave going to hell in a handbasket good will prevail grave challenge to police hardship have hope headed to Jerusalem healed healing holy communion honor and revere hope dried up hopeful and hopeless how do we deal hymns ideologically opposed insinuations insult jobs dried up killed by police late night comedians lepers lips of Christian friends listen to him little boys killed live in a bubble lived in shadows lives of others love your enemies males media midweek services millions of children mosque mountain new ways of understanding no hope no jobs norms of our society not comfortable not trying to escape on the right track out of body experience outright lies overwhelmed Penny Holste police and nonpolice political enemies politicians power of God prayers pulling gun pushed over headstones re-energized reignited rejuvenated religious leaders religious radio stations rituals selfishness shoplifting split second standards of decency have really dropped starvation stopped by police take heart the Word time for a vision together bringing love to this world two different worlds unclean unjustly untouchables vandals violence of mobs visionary experiences voice of God warning we have each other we have the world we support you we welcome immigrants we’ve got work to do what Jesus would say what are we supposed to do white and black white people without knowing about other people’s lives worked together]