Truth To Power

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June 25, 2017. When you’re trying to spread a message to people who might disagree with you, how can do you do it effectively? In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus has some pretty severe things to say. Following him would have taken courage and faith. Pastor Keith’s sermon today is on thinking outside the box, living the faith and sharing the message, even when it’s not always easy.

*** [Keywords: 2017 75 years Antioch Christian causes Christians put in jail Egypt God values us God’s support Great Persecution Holy Land I’m right India Jerusalem Jesus knew Jewish John Luke Matthew 10:24-39 Pastor Keith Holste Roman Syria abuse accumulation of wealth and power alternative view always necessary apostle Paul astounded authorities better way big question marks bottom line bringing about change building community building relationship by my action calling followers challenge closeness contentious time context conversation cost him his life costly created and loved by God crown of creation demand demand high price demands of Jesus didn’t receive very well directives disregard early Christianity encounters we have encouraging followers of Jesus even when not easy expect resistance facilitate fall back fall short filter follow Jesus forgiveness full meaning of Gospel future get across point of view good of the world great courage and faith hairs on our head hard to believe anyone followed Jesus hard to tell the truth hate help people think higher power hope hopeful graceful side how is this a way to love like Jesus loved how we approach things human beings are not expendable human system hurt our gains idea incur resistance indifference individual inside the box kept listening anyway laxity of faith life changing life is well lived life or death decision live by another standard living certain ways longevity losing track of teachings love of creation loving words major things message can be heard message was compromised more complex picture more friendly most effective way motivates need to move needs ignored new life is ours also normal economics not most effective not most important thing not natural human way not the way not to be exploited not to press message not well received objective one of four Gospels of Jesus our own country outside the box pawns peace and contentment people of God physical persecution plans we make plentiful powerful interest powers of the world pretty severe things promise pushback quality of love radical action received new life refused entry regular power structure religious character resisted sake of all same promise is for us self-serving sensitivity sermon served by what I’m doing share message of way of Jesus sharing small and ordinary things small group so intertwined social structures someone with whom we disagree sparrows speaking the truth speaking up for someone status quo strategy subjects of government suggestions for change take advantage of taken advantage of teachings of Jesus telling people off things we choose to do those who seek their lives for his sake will gain it those who seek their own lives will lose them to be a follower tough to be a Christian truth about himself truth telling truth to power very hard to hear way of world around them was not right way to describe Jesus we have that life weakening in the faith well-being what’s in it for me what’s in this for the sake of the world words not always easy to hear world needs to be reminded world view worldly values you’re doing it wrong you’re wrong]