This Boat Was Meant To Sail

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August 13, 2017. Guest Pastor Tom Schoenherr preaches on the Gospel story, from Matthew 14, in which Peter gets out of the boat and walks on water to Jesus. “Come,” says Jesus. “Don’t be afraid. I am with you.” We tend to believe today that Jesus keeps us safe and secure, from fear and all the challenges in ourselves and in the world around us. But we’re all in this boat together, and Jesus is bidding us to get out and come, into those places of doubt and danger in our lives.

*** [Keywords: 2017 Barb’s mother Charlottesville, VA Christ Lutheran Church Christ’s love God’s children Gospel Greek I am with you I’m with you Jesus Christ is already there Jesus says come Jesus’ hand was not there Lord’s table Matthew 14 Peter had doubts Peter needed help Sunday morning This Boat Was Meant to Sail Tom Schoenherr accept addictions all my people all of your people all the challenges baptism be safe be the presence of God be there for one another be there to hold her began to understand blood transfusions brothers and sisters but they sink can’t avoid them can’t go backward care about care for one another children of God choice we’ve made come come together command me connected connects us with one another cultures dangerous waves deal with didn’t know different colors different cultures difficult problems disappear under the water disease doctor’s office don’t be afraid don’t need to be afraid doubting doubts and concerns end of her life even then everything is going to be okay extend your life face facing our Lord faith faith in Jesus fearful follow him followers of Christ forgive forgiving forward gathered here together gift of Holy Spirit go out into deep water going into troubled disturbed places going through good choice good news hard even to get here have to live with he is already there he says come headed healing help us hold onto that promise holding onto us hope in our lives if it is you illness in the waves in these waters in this world into the pain into the storms into the world invites us to come out of the boat involved in mission just a little bit keep us safe and secure keeps holding onto promise kindergarten knowing last months of her life laughter leave you in the water lifestyles lift them up lifted him up lifts him up listing to this side live in this world look at Jesus looking at Jesus loss of loved one love and life we miss deeply loved ones are lost made us his own means ship or boat midst of the storm miracle drugs nave never meant to be tied up to dock next thing to come no happy endings nose above the water not alone not easy answers not fun not pleasant nothing more we can do on the way ourselves out of the water place of danger place where we are gathered places in our lives pray questioning questions races reaches down really religions remember who we are sent sermon share my love sit still slide so alone so many fears standing in the boat starts to sink stay in the boat step out of boat stories storm storms in our lives stormy waters struggle with faith struggles tend to believe the Great I Am the Great Physician those days are past threatens times of need toward Jesus troubled world trust God’s promise trusted trusting walk out with you walked into school walking across the water walking on top of waves walking on water water of baptism water of life way it used to be we doubt we feel distant we have doubts we need help we want to come out we’re all in this boat together we’re in the boat what about those times where are we going where is it sailing where we are going white supremacists work on them world around us]