The Witness of Simeon

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December 31, 2017. As Mary and Joseph entered the temple for the presentation of baby Jesus, they met a man named Simeon. Being led by the Holy Spirit, he believed he had seen the Messiah and that his life was complete. Pastor Penny preaches today on this story and how we believe God’s words for the same reason that Simeon did, because of God’s beautiful promise and the difference he makes in our lives.

*** [Keywords: 10th 2017 8 day old baby Bethlehem Christ Lutheran Church Christmas Egyptian families God gives God is busy delivering us God is fighting for us God is part of everyday life God is with us God keeps his promises God loves the child God makes a difference in our lives God would save the world God’s help Holy Spirit of God Jerusalem Jewish families Nazareth Pastor Penny Holste Simeon Witness of Simeon able to see sun again after school activities after woman had baby already won the victory armies as much as we are able ask for strength baptism baptized barriers believed God’s promise believed words of God birthday bread and wine of communion bring animal to be sacrificed caregiver challenges chief defender child owned by God children we’ve been given chosen people cloud of despair lifts comes from loving God community of believers countries of the world devotions died don’t think we can pray too much end of the day entered the temple family and friends father said aren’t you glad you prayed felt his life was complete five year old boy food and people sitting around table for us and for the whole world forgive someone freed by God’s grace freeing us from selfishness from Abraham to Isaiah gathering of people giving this child to God got tired of praying greet the day with prayer of thanks guarantee you’ll get one had been slaves in Egypt had that experience hard to find time has to be true he saw the Messiah heard a voice heard voice of God hearts are soft how could he believe if I die right now I’ll die a happy person illness inclusive indicated keep these rituals led him to the temple life is sacred little baby looked at him loss maybe in dream missiles mother went to hospital my eyes have now seen your salvation mystery of the presence of God need to fight to keep religious rites and rituals as part of our life now my life is complete observed oldest child born only a God of love opening ourselves up opposition in our lives own people pigeons or turtle doves pray every day for two months pray for courage pray for hope pray too little prayers before bedtime presentation of firstborn son presented firstborn problem is on the other side protecting themselves quickly quit praying religious practices remind the Jews reminded reminder to us rite of purification same reason we do save the Jews saw a vision say prayer before you eat self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ sermon she had twins sing sit down and eat together slowly some event is over son said aren’t you glad I quit when I did? spared succeed in something sword piercing our hearts tariffs temple in Jerusalem tenth plague theme throughout the Bible this is the one to what is not known told Simeon too beautiful a thing to be thought up by people too poor two little boys two rites or religious rituals using them to save the whole world very old ritual very poor but pious couple walked 60 miles walked up to Jesus water of baptism we are made children of God we are not alone we are receiving salvation we can face these things wedding weekends what had he seen when it was over wide open eyes without fear worked so hard to achieve would bring light even to the gentiles would like a little brother would not die before he saw the Messiah yes God is saving them]