The Communion of Saints

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November 5, 2017. Pastor Penny preaches this All Saints’ Day on the Beatitudes, what it means to be blessed, and what makes a saint. We think of saints as famous Christians who have gone before us. But we too are saints. And not by ourselves. We are a community of saints, part of the body of Christ.

*** [Keywords: 2017 All Saints’ Day Beatitudes Christ Lutheran Church Holy Communion I have died and risen to make you my own Kahlie McCarty Matthew 5:1-12 New York City Pastor Penny Holste absent members of defeated team all our blessings angry another body apology after speech approved of by God as we are changed auditorium ball team baseball batter up be a blessing to the world be peacemakers been given another body beggar on the bus being asked to look at things entirely differently blessed are the meek blessed are the poor in spirit blessed are those who are in mourning blessed are those who are so hungry to be treated justly body of Christ born to be loving bus called to be saints in a community catcher celebrating center fielder didn’t show up at all certainly have bodies children’s message come together communion of saints community of saints decision to get a new pitcher describe the life of a saint describing what a saint looks like do what is right don’t give honor to the poor don’t you have any respect for your faith leaders empty seat experience honor of God failed to come to game family famous famous Christians famous lecturer feel afraid feel misunderstood feel sad fielders first group of people food on our plates friends front row fulfill game announced get up give us strength given a body glove glowered gone before us hard to be a saint hard to understand hear the word of God here to remember highly respected Rabbi holy how honorable how honored are loved ones modern day parable money to spend on fun things mortified need help need strength from each other nobody none of this is easy not meant to be saints by ourselves old Jewish story older oldest of us one person doesn’t make a saint one player doesn’t make the team overloaded with work part of the body of Christ people in his day would have thought people without a body we can touch and feel pitch the ball hope for best pitcher went to mound places were empty podium poor person powerful pretty hard to understand probably smelled proof of God’s approval reason for hope receive Christ recognize him rich rich person saint second body second set of Beatitudes sermon shortstop show mercy sit by this person society someone who is set apart strange people such bad shape take insults team had lost teammates there in spirit third baseman torn clothes try on our own umpire understood unjustly uses word differently visitors in stands we are saints we become the blessing we blame the wrong person we have so many blessings we will be different where Jesus promises to meet us who won the skeleton beauty contest willingly witness of saints you didn’t insult me you don’t have to apologize to me you insulted the poor]