Resurrection As Relationship

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April 8, 2018. Christians are a diverse group, but we are all gathered together in the risen Lord’s offer of peace, wholeness, and newness. For us, the resurrection is more an experience than something to be proved. Pastor Keith discusses this idea today, and suggests that maybe the resurrection is not about something to believe, but about the someone who makes believing possible.

*** [Keywords: 2018 50th anniversary Acts Christ Lutheran Church Christians Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I’ve been to the mountaintop Jesus Jesus alive again Jesus has risen Memphis Pastor Keith Holste Psalm Thomas Upper Room abandoned after resurrection all gathered together all kinds of people all that we do all that we say all things in common assortment of people be held onto believed right away came to see caught up in the experience certain organization claiming private possessions close up come and see come close to someone come to give his life come together on Sunday common experience confused congregation criticized day of resurrection death and resurrection denied deserted different distance distinctive distribute as any had need diverse doors locked tight doubting early Christian community early disciples embrace Thomas emotions empty tomb excluded faith and action faith leader faith lived out fear fearful fearfully few hundred people saw Jesus alive after resurrection first day of the week foot of the altar forgive sins of any they are forgiven forgive the sins of any and they are forgiven free give life to us good and pleasant group of people heard in the voices of others held fast as well help the world to see highlights of speech hold fast hold fast or embrace impact on what we do in midst of us in terms of relationships indeed inspires join others joys and testimony kindred last decade lay possessions life abundantly life in faith lifestyle live boldly in the world live out this resurrection live simply live with hope living well enough loving style membership millions have come to follow him missed the point modeling moods more experience than proof mountaintop experience moved by resurrection needy newness next Sunday no proof for that nonviolently not judging not really accurate on the rolls or not one heart and one soul original Greek own encounter with Jesus own eyes passed on through those others peace peace be with you picture of resurrection community presents himself to us professor Sandra M. Schneiders questions reactions receive God’s grace resurrection as relationship resurrection experienced in different ways retain the sins of any and they are retained risen from the dead rose to life seeing Jesus seeing something seen in lives sensible way to look at passage sermon share in community of faith shared style shunned skepticism someone who makes the believing possible something to believe spoken to them strive for fellowship struggled struggling takes away stress tell what they’ve seen three times he says together in unity translated two weeks urges us on violent death was killed watched him die way of life way to believing way to measure what we do in life we all gather we’ve seen Jesus weekly activities what John wants for all of us what he saw what we hold in common whether we see it who we are who we are today whole is larger than sum of its parts wholeness will make sense to you with God and one another witness word sin isn’t there]