Recognizing Jesus

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April 30, 2017. If we met Jesus, would we recognize him? In today’s Gospel the apostles did not recognize the risen Christ even when he himself came up and walked along with them. Pastor Penny preaches on this text, asks us to consider how our desires might cause us to believe in ideas that aren’t true, and offers ideas about how we can go out into the world as Easter people and share the gift we’ve been given.

*** [Keywords: 2017 30 more years A self-made success? American dream Christ in actions as you come together Easter evening Easter peple Elijah Ezekiel God promises us Holy Communion every week I didn’t recognize you I love you no matter what happens Isaiah Jason Ford Jeremiah Last Supper Let’s kill that myth Luke 24:13-34 Maundy Thursday Moses PBS NewsHour Pastor Penny Holste St. Peter Why did you let that car hit me? advantages all on your own angels said Jesus had arisen armed with wits and strong work ethic astronaut baby was not going to live be prepared to suffer be transformed beaten beautiful idea but isn’t true began to believe best possible future blinded them blinds us born into bought land decades ago bring meals broke through that desire burst into tears care about people charismatic leader climbed way to top college with no school debt color of our skin corporate ladder couldn’t be Messiah created it dead discipline doctor gave bad news don’t recognize him empowered exiled extreme dedication face to face in eternity facelift fail to be grateful fed the 5000 four year old boy free Israel generations before gift we’ve been given give rides glorious vision good schools good success story hair dyed hand-me-down clothes handshakes harsh realities he’s alive heart attack hearts kept them from recognizing help to buy house hit by a car and killed how foolish you are hugs humble background image of Messiah imprisoned in community with him once again inherit intelligence interpret story invest in startup kept them from seeing king leader killed leading people into idolatry left some money lending discrimination less fortunate love into your families make it on our own maybe he’s alive meet Jesus mid 70s military leader millionaire miraculous way modern day parallel neighbors not one of the twelve not practicing justice and mercy of course the Messiah was going to die on fire with hope out into the world pastor friend pearly gates people of God had to suffer pick up hints place where you work live learn play prayerfully with other people preach and do miracles predicted would die and rise pregnant prophet prophetic tradition rally the troops really isn’t true relatives rely not on ourselves but on God retraced their steps rocket fly to moon rooted in history safe neighborhood save Israel saw God in that little boy say things that were hard scripture see christ through us send letters serious help sermon seven miles to Jerusalem show us the stars slow of heart to believe slow to believe smiles sold for fortune son stand up stand up to powers that be story preserved 2000 years for us suffering servant support structure take care of people take care of widows and orphans and foreigners in country teachers tech entrepreneurs testimony of women through this faith community throw off power of Roman Empire tomb was empty took the bread blessed it and broke it tummy tuck two generations ago two men in Jesus’ inner circle unable to see vanished very sad want to believe it wanted to believe we don’t recognize God we have seen him we made a mistake white light white man white privilege whole new possibility woke up woman taken to hospital working your way up from nothing worth it]