Quite a Transformation

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March 19, 2017. Pastor Penny preaches on John 4:5-42, the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well. He transformed her and her community when he told her that the traditions that divide us are not that important, and that he was the Messiah. Jesus invites us too to be transformed, to trust in the living water of baptism and God’s love.

*** [Keywords: Easter morning Gospel story of transformation Harry Potter I am the Messiah I’ve got news Jesus invites us Jesus is the magic wand Jews and Samaritans John 4:5-42 Judea back to Galilee Samaritan woman at well afraid for future ask for living water bad habit best she could blame wife bold third step break down wall because of religion bringing the harvest broke two taboos challenges we face confessed Jesus dance changed completely demand or invitation or request dependency didn’t criticize difficult disciples eternal first as a baby first step five husbands forgot bucket at well garage gave woman courage get rid of it give me this water gives life go ask your husband to come here greater than Jacob? had hope hard to shake it hated Samaritans he walks with us heat of day her whole community home and garden channel issue in relationship keeping two people apart leaving himself open lifeless body live day to day makes a move making himself vulnerable man divorce wife unable to have children man not your husband man stretched out on cross man to man to man medical or financial challenge men did not speak to women in public messy room tidy minister to him neat and functional needed roof over head no choice no confidence no longer despairing no power to change situation not her fault at all old house paper picked up twirled around dance partner project real world requested drink of water resolving issue risky savior of the world second step seems impossible seen the Messiah share the love of God she could ignore request spoke to woman step by step stuck swipe a wand talked to her through not around Samaria traditions that divide us are not that important transformed woman’s life transforms in a process transforms us treated her as equal trust in his love trust in living water trust in power of God unclean bucket understood pain and valued her until she met Jesus used to criticism village invited Jesus water of baptism water of baptism where are you getting this water? why are you asking? willingness to be vulnerable willingness to engage winter being transformed into spring woman not cared for women go in groups work through it worship in Jerusalem]