Making Disciples

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June 11, 2017. When did you first hear about Jesus? If you’re like most Christians, it was from someone you know, someone you trust. Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples of everyone, and they did. We are Christians today because of their success. Pastor Penny talks about the first disciples, and how like them we can make new disciples too, simply by being who we are, in the right place and at the right time.

*** [Keywords: 2000 years later 2017 Easter morning God had worked through him God will do that Hi this is Jennifer how can I help you I am with you I got it fixed I have all authority above Heaven and earth I want what you have I will be with you always I’m sure you can help me Jerusalem Jesus loves us to enough to come back from the dead for us Jesus recruited us Pastor Penny Holste Synod assembly afraid agent to agent agonizing picture of Jesus dying all by ourselves all your other friends and so we went angel around a boulder as he said he would baseball believe something so amazing believe that Jesus loved us buried Jesus can I call you back on my private line can’t do it on our own care charge of 600 dollars church was born confused cut off three times did heal people doing things you never thought you would do down from the mountain dropped to knees earthquake embrace love of Jesus emotionally sick empty tomb enthusiasm experience explain the whole thing eyes seemed to be smiling faith was faltering fan of your favorite sport first disciples football go and make disciples go make disciples of everyone go with them golf good picture of us grandparent hadn’t been to church in 20 years happened to be women helps us hiding hockey hopeful how in the world do you make a disciple imagine with me imagined scene in awe it won’t happen again keeps us here knock on the door large hill called mountain lead life that Christ would like let me try something let’s do it lightness little taste live and die live it out looked like Jesus love that sport loves Jesus too meet me in Galilee nervous next month open and willing our mistake overcharge parent patience peace people yell at me all day long people yelling at me phone bill pick up the phone power and love of Jesus Christ promise promised herself proof of their success recruit relative remove our sins right place right time rise again road to becoming a disciple runaround running saw Jesus scared sense of peace sermon set an example she and her two girls show them the sport sit around the TV someone else’s word sports bar starting doubting strength of God strength of a word strength of one word strength to know how take them to a baseball game teacher tell you about my job tennis that first Easter third month those first women trail turned trust walked five days wavering between fear and doubt we need each other we went we weren’t really strong where did you first hear about Jesus? woman word of someone else you didn’t you’re a pastor]