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May 21, 2017. Commencement speeches such as we hear this time of year always have at least two parts: advice, and encouragement to the graduates. In her sermon today, Pastor Penny talks about Jesus’ “commencement speech” to us. He offers us advice and encouragement, and also a promise: that by his death and resurrection he has paid the fine for the penalty we deserve.

*** [Keywords: 2017 Gospel Greek Holy Spirit Jesus claims that we are his friends Jesus gives the disciples Jesus has removed our guilt Pastor Penny Holste a little unfair admit to ourselves advances in technology all the things he taught them also points to truth another police car arrested at least two parts ate meal together because we remember his love for us began to get nervous beyond any promise big comfort big help by his death and resurrection by the Spirit and the Son and the Father came up to his window commentator counselor country congregation crucifixion dear to me deeper and more beautiful didn’t have sidewalks disciples do things wrong doesn’t even seem fair doesn’t get you anywhere doesn’t make sense don’t want to face driving to meeting at night entire city block entryway everything is electives failed the test failures we have final exams financial advisor flashing red lights from now on there is no core curriculum give encouragement give some advice gives you something to do gnarled tree trunk going out into the world alone going wrong in family got off the hook graduates great aunt green leaves oranges bright butterflies guilt gets to us he pays that fine he will ascend out of their vision forever help not only survive but succeed here comes the encouragement part here comes the promise that Jesus makes highway patrolman if you love me keep my commandments in bed with a mosquito interpret keep that lamp keepsakes killed knows he’s about to die lamp that looked like tree late to meeting lawyer legal problems license lifestyle shows it look for truth in Washington love our physical comfort member of his congregation minister friend need help next Sunday no traffic not begrudgingly not going to be easy not so easy to see truth in our own lives now and forever we are guided and comforted obey my commandments on our piano painted glass paper dolls in cupboard point out our guilt politicians are human beings politics preserving this planet really believe remember her love remember patient gentle loving woman rest of your life in front of you resurrected from the dead rollerskating see him alive send them the Advocate seniors sergeant says you’re a friend of his sergeant was his friend sermon sisters and brothers slow down and drive safely so hard to believe solve problems of the world someone you call to your side speaker spirit of Christ spirit of truth started speeding take away all failures of disciples things are hard time for commencement speeches tiny house to guard to hold dear to preserve too small to be effective truly exciting thing about your life uncomfortable uncomfortable truths unfairness that God treats us with vehicle waited for verdict walking we are forgiven and loved we are guilty we deserve penalty we feel very alone we haven’t earned it who’s telling the truth and who’s not will be alone will they remember willingly went through world doesn’t accept it worry is like rocking chair your generation]