Cleansing the Temple

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March 4, 2018. The sermon today is on the story in John 2 of Jesus cleansing the temple. Did that system of animal butchering and sacrifice make people feel as though they were in the presence of God? And what about the people walled off from each other: women, gentiles, tax collectors? Does our temple need to be cleansed? Pastor Penny offers some thoughts on how we can be welcoming to everyone.

*** [Keywords: 2018 Apostle’s Creed Christ Lutheran Church God always chosen God’s arms are always open God’s saving work Gospel Jerusalem Jesus came to draw all people to himself Jesus so angry John 2:13-22 Moses Passover festival Pastor Penny Holste Reuben access to God angry man with a whip animals running answers that will help us are we building walls assembly line slaughter ate beautiful stone house blood in basin building burning bush burnt offering butchering animals buy buy can’t critique the system can’t see the problems cause harm to innocent people changing money changing the money child children of Israel community complaining continuous progression couple dozen families court of the Israelites court of the gentile court of the lepers court of the women cow crushed its foot coworkers cows cured lepers cursing cut off designated didn’t look like him dishonest disparaging entire temple system does not attend church doves each with an animal entered the city gates explore the temple feeling fence in our yard few benches full of people gentiles glaring grandchild great commotion half shekel of Tyre have no meaning herd hymn of praise in presence of God inner sanctum inspected inspection of animals intermingled judged laughed layer after layer of ritual and commerce less able people less deserving less worthy life and death lost our income loved maimed mistake money for the next year musings no blemish no gentile should walk beyond this sign no religious loyalty no room for them no treat this year offer an additional different kind of worship service offer as sacrifices offering outer court outer courtyard outside of the system part of us parts separated people pour on altar priests from five important families priests required prostitutes purpose of the Passover relationship with God religious system ritual roast and eat animal sacrificial system second gate on the Lockwood side select few sell their cows selling sermon share with the world sheep shouting at people sidewalk between the gates sights signs sin committed skinned slaughtering and sacrificing smells soul searching sounds such a commotion talk to people tax collectors that picture of God that picture of church this animal can’t be sold this is a new time to the Lord treat for Reuben unblemished cows unclean coins under penalty of death walled off from God wanted to be close to the people went into the temple what does church mean to you women worship would pay well 10 miles 40 years in the wilderness]