By the Witness

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April 23, 2017. Pastor Keith preaches during this season of Easter on trusting the good news. When Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection, he offered them peace and forgiveness, and gave them the power to forgive others in his name. Only a limited number of people saw the risen Christ, but millions have since come to believe. They have come to the faith not by proofs, but by the witness of those who trust in Jesus.

*** [Keywords: Christ candle Christians Easter vigil God’s church Gospel of John Greek word pistos Holy Spirit I am your way out I can observe I stand on this India Jesus brings life Jesus comes to us Jesus takes forward step John the writer Keith Holste Messiah Pastor Pentecost abuse and sin of world afraid of Jewish authorities after Jesus dies after the resurrection alive again all who believe argument articles of faith associate word believe assurance we need baptized people barricades bear that light of Christ behind closed doors believe word bodily book of signs brain matter breathe on us his breath breathes on them by the witness calls us to believe came to believe cerebral challenge to believe close the door cognitive brain come in my name come to faith coming to faith communities of people confront things that are hard corwardly creeds denying died on a cross different directions different sects difficult times disciples divine authority divisions in church earth elements of baptism erect escape rooms faith is possible fear factors fearfulness first Century first and second Sunday follow through with whole body font forgive others in his name forgiven before God forgiveness abound forgives them from the dead gathered in fear get out of here gift of baptism give up ourselves go tell the world about me good news of resurrection grieving groups hands with scars have life abundantly healed person hearing the words hearts hide history how to get out how we live our lives in the head in the mind interjects is this really the same person keep trouble away latitude life in his name life love serve in the name of Jesus limited number of people locked in locked or small space logical proofs looming problem lots of faith lots of ways people come to the faith made water into wine many new churches mentally convinced millions of people mind modern age more than evidence my lord and my god nails needed to be forgiven not by proofs not so sure observe offers his hands offers them peace out into world peace be with you peace be with you peace of mind peace with others physical evidence physical proof power of God proved the message of John provides life questions raised Lazarus recreation restoration resurrected Jesus risen Christ risen body of Jesus rose from the dead run away running away sacrifice safe rooms say the right words science guy season of Easter see his wounds self made prisions sermon seven signs shown to world shut the door sinfully sins and troubles of world something we can touch son of God stood among them story of Thomas strong supporter of Jesus suffered and died support take up arms to defend Jesus these things are written things we’re afraid of through believing through wall of the room total peace touch his wounds translate trouble believing trust in him truth unfaithful things water of baptism we can receive wedding whole self wholeness whose we are will not be kept out won’t believe words and testimony of believing Christians work of God wounds in your side and hands 40 days 2017]