Absorb and Transform

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October 8, 2017. Pastor Penny preaches on Matthew 21:33-46. Jesus was warning the religious leaders in his day not to push God out of the picture. He’s warning us too. We feel that we own ourselves, our time, and our energy. While God is important, he is one among many loyalties we have. But Jesus wants to be the keystone in our lives. Rather than repaying violence with violence, Jesus would have us absorb anger and injustice done to us, as he absorbed it and transformed it on the cross.

*** [Keywords: African American community American DNA Blake Snyder Christ Lutheran Church God is far greater than this story God is for Sunday God is important God is our owner God wants me to God wants something for us God who loves us I don’t really like kindergarten Jesus asks the crowd Jesus transformed violence on cross Jesus wasn’t conventional Mary Matthew 21:33-46 Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen Parable of the Wicked Tenants Pastor Penny Holste Stephen Paddock Who owns you? absentee landlord absorb and transform anger absorbed violence absorbs and transforms violence all parts of our lives allows us to stand before God and justice for all because of Christ by anyone or anything childlike way come nicely together based on him compartmentalize completely removed all the guilt and shame of our sin conventional wisdom cornerstone customary wisdom daughter decisions divisions don’t see God’s love easy easy for us to push God out of picture energy faith family faults us feel we deserve to get it five years for vines to start producing grapes for us and our world forget from our failures grapes are ours ground without weeds health hear in Isaiah hear the hurt hear the words husband’s killer if we could see Jesus in a position in our lives injustice interview with Elizabeth Snyder it interferes with my schedule job just wants produce for himself justice and righteousness keystone killed on duty kindergarten knew what was best for them late to school leisure liberty listen to each other live in hope lives locks other stones in place loyalties through week met with teacher not appreciated at times not comfortable thought not following him not like owner not respecting God as ultimate authority not seeing God as our owner not very happy story nurture young plants one nation under God with liberty one thing faithful to among so many only thinking of himself only violence our owner our time our vineyard owner wasn’t around perceived injury picks up a stone plant transforms carbon dioxide to nutrients pledge preach to us preserved for us proclaim to us produce pulpit pushed God out of picture put to miserable death removed despair responsibilites school see it in our country sent her out every morning sermon shooter in Las Vegas story made it down story told by Jesus talked to neighbor talks to lady tenants thank goodness we have an owner their lives were theirs there is a God who is above all think of God thought belonged to them through Holy Spirit time took so many innocent lives top of arch transformed violence ultimate authority understanding of Jesus understanding we live with vineyard violence against him violence begets violence violence for violence violent and selfish violent time walked three blocks to school walked to school walks along want to be warning here for us as well warning to religious leaders we are given the power we are good we are perfect we are worthy we deserve it we do not want to be owned we know what we need we know what’s best we own ourselves we think we know what’s best for us wedge shape what do you think will happen what we buy what will happen to us widow wife of police officer with whom we do not agree workers workers working to be able to forgive 2017]