A Place For Justice and Forgiveness

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September 17, 2017. Martin Luther underwent a conversion, from his earlier idea that the debt he owed God for all his sins was unachievable, to the realization that God was willing to forgive his sins due to his love of him and the world, and the sacrifice of Jesus. The understanding of this gift caused Martin Luther to begin to make changes in his life, focusing on the community and the needs of the world around him. Pastor Keith’s sermon today is about the importance of this forgiveness and justice, and how instead of holding back the love we’ve been given, we can share it with others.

*** [Keywords: 2017 Christ Lutheran Church Forgiveness With All Debt With God Day Galilee God covered it all God was willing to pay In the name of Jesus I bless you I forgive you I release you Jerusalem Jesus Jesus anticipated Jesus taught us to live by Jesus was willing to suffer Judah Lord’s Prayer Luther’s Small Catechism Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed the World Matthew 18:21-35 May McCarthy Old English Original Sin PBS film Pastor Keith Holste Reid Bartek accept the challenge angry another understanding about God anyone from my past as we forgive those baptized at font baptized ourselves bear a grudge before go to bed bestowed on us binds us blame ourselves both sides burden lifted called by a king can’t get our heart to go there church complete forgiveness by God concept of community chest confessed nearly perpetually confessional conversion could never do enough could never pay it day of our baptism debt to God for sins deception dejected demands repayment of small debt didn’t sleep well different role of God discipline do good badly doesn’t work like that down drinking poison easier to serve ourselves eats at us equivalent to 150 years worth of wages eternal waterfall expecting other person to die faith fall asleep peacefully focus for our own health for the last time forgive hardly forgive one another forgive us our trespasses forgiven slave forgiven the debt forgiveness forth give free to experience free to forgive others fully graceful life generosity get to the point gets into your heart your soul gifts had come to him good and great gift good of all those struggling grace grandfather Pastor Jim grow into the promise gushing over us harbor unforgiving thoughts hard for us to live with good news hard to forgive hard to forgive ourselves harming people hatred haunt us help others his son Jesus hold back our love huge debt hurt his health i do so now i need to forgive image of being in cascading waterfall importance of forgiveness impossible to forgive in my present injury instead of looking up just keeps coming justice keeping people apart kept him up at night key to our life together kind learning experience let go life live their own lives live with sin living out the life looked around sideways lost sleep love for him love for world loved on main points make changes in his life make up for his sins mantra minor things money of community more difficulty need to forgive me neighbor never-ending no assurance of salvation no longer had debt no one could ever pay that much no reason to be selfish old style old way one more thing one understanding about God order of things other person in mind our feelings out of reach over and over again overwhelmingly overwhelms us payback payoff to God people around him place for forgiveness place for justice pleased with him plentiful promised pure before God reach out to other person repetitions resentment resist restored relationships retribution riled up role for forgiveness role for justice sacrifice of Jesus saying out loud scenes see needs of world self cleansing sermon servant in Parable sets us back sharing love sign of generosity silently sinful small matter of hurt feelings someone close to him spirit stepped away strong words struggle stuck study of Scripture takes away teaching way terrific promise thankful thanksgiving those who sin against us through the love of Jesus time out chair to see God to the end topic intersects treat others unachievable unbounding love understand unforgivable very short prayer warnings waters from above coming down we hurt ourselves we know better welcomed into Kingdom of God whatever way is best whether i remember them or not who trespass against us will take time willing to forgive wiped out worldly scale]