Pastor’s Word

The Christ Lutheran group reading “Stand Your Ground” by Kelly Brown Douglas delved this week into Douglas’ description of God as freedom. Douglas says that for those brought here from Africa to be enslaved, their understanding and experience of God as free, and their belief that God created people to be free, empowered them to resist the idea that they were meant to live in chains. Douglas describes the capacity of black people to claim freedom and wholeness in the face of chattel slavery and ongoing violence of racism as an un-shattered faith that comes from finding their identity as a people in a God of freedom (pgs 166-170). She identifies five core things that define identity in God.
Strength to persist in doing what is right, just, and kind Thoughtfulness, commitment to supporting others in living into who God called them to be Awareness of the life-giving force of God all around us, resisting anything that destroys life Being true to ourselves, embracing our full humanity as children of God Living into the truth of God’s freedom Do any of these things resonate with you?
What does it mean to you to be a child of God?