Pastor’s Reflection

As one month closes and we anticipate another month, we have the opportunity to look back with thanks for God’s faithfulness. Baptisms, the brunch honoring the Roocks, the formation of the Call Committee, putting faith into action through the ELCA as mentioned in this issue, are but a few signs of God’s grace. Yet as we each pause to look back, we can add to that list with ways that we experienced God at work in our midst.
Now as September approaches, we can look forward to seeing God’s work among us unfold in continually beautiful ways. Adult Forum, Sunday School, Tuesday morning Bible study and choir rehearsals resume, confirmation classes begin and opportunities to be involved in community ministries are presented. The gospel of Luke as well as our other readings promise to offer us deeper insight into experiencing the abundant life given to us by our God.
The transition process also pivots from the conclusion of the work of the Transition Team to the tasks being taken up by the Call Committee. Please note Chair Jon Heerboth’s letter outlining that process. It’s important to give a special thanks to the Transition Team at this time for the service they provided over the past year. The members of the team: Chair Megan Meadows, Dave Fey, Dan Gunther, Kris Hill, Kate Hoerchler, Mark Marting, Faith Moore, and Harriett Scholle deserve our appreciation for the diligence of their work on behalf of CLC.
As in every month, September is a good month to reflect on the mission statement of the church. It’s been a grand experience seeing how the congregation responds to the challenge of it, and I expect that even more faithful responses to it will be seen and celebrated in this coming month!
Deepening people’s connection to Christ,
Bringing meaning to daily life, and
Making a difference in our community
With gratitude for you,
Pastor Stephanie