Pastor’s Reflection

Dear Christ Lutheran Church Congregation,
As I write this to you on the last day of 2019, it’s appropriate to look back in gratitude for what God has done through you in the past year. It’s also appropriate to look forward with anticipation of what God will do in 2020.
Here are just a few of the strengths that I have witnessed while with you:
• Worship attendance has remained consistent which is not always true during transitions. I take that to mean that the congregation keeps its focus on God’s presence and the vibrancy of its community life and fellowship and remains faithful to both. Fellowship events and celebrations have been well-attended. Music has been well-planned and inclusive of more people sharing their gifts. Those are positive signs.
• Support for Christian Service projects is generous and loving. Signs of showing love for God by loving neighbors is present in many ways.
• Families with young children continue to value the nurture the congregation provides and to take responsibility to care for each other’s children well. If the number of children present for the 5 pm Christmas Eve service is any indication, there are many more children and their families to welcome into the congregation in 2020.
• Support, care and honor for senior adults is superb in this congregation. Thanks to the Faith Community Nurse and Stephen Ministers, regular conversations occur at Senior Fellowship, eucharistic visits supplement those made by the pastor, advice is shared when seniors and their families need additional care services, prayer shawls are made and given with love and prayers, birthday parties are given for those celebrating 90+ years of life.
• The Renovation Team has continued to work and refine plans according to the mandate given at the Jan 2019 Annual Congregational Meeting. More updates will be shared at the Jan. 26, 2020 Congregational Meeting
And there is more. So many teams being led by dedicated servants of Christ have made a difference in the ministry of Christ Lutheran Church. Please plan to attend the meeting on Jan 26, to learn more about what has been happening in Christian Education, Stewardship, Inreach, Outreach, Youth, Properties and every other ministry within the church. You will be inspired and invited to join in because the involvement of everyone is needed for the church to reach its potential in sharing the light of God’s presence in ever-widening circles.
There are still many needs to be addressed. I hope you are as convinced as I am that 2020 can be a breakout year for Christ Lutheran Church as you continue to discern the unique mission God has for you, and as you see more and more people offer their exceptional gifts to accomplish the mission.
We have learned that Pastor Meagan will be starting her ministry at Christ Lutheran in mid-February. Therefore, I have been asked to continue with you through January 26, when we will have one worship service at 9:30 am, followed by the congregational meeting. I look forward to the coming weeks with you to be able to express my admiration and hopes for you, and finish up my call with you, as you transition to new pastoral leadership. Thanks for your partnership in ministry these past 18 months!
Blessings in the New Year!
Pastor Stephanie