Sunday Morning Forum

Adult Forum returns with a new name: Sunday Morning Forum.
This name change communicates to high school students and other youth that they are welcome to join us. Speakers, both from within and outside of our congregation, will lead discussions of topics that confront people of faith. This Fall we will be looking at Christian Hospitality and issues that confront children and teenagers. Here’s the September lineup:
September 17Jon Heerboth will look at the demographics of the ELCA.
September 24Kate Dopuch will lead a discussion on Christian Hospitality. A look a Bible stories where it shines; stand out life experiences—either positive or negative; and where it springs from.
October 1  – A panel made up of John Hoffmann, Sherry Mitchler, and Rachel Helton will lead a discussion of helping young children deal with serious illness and hospitalization.
October 8 – A speaker from the Missouri Eating Disorder Association will discuss this common and potentially lethal mental illness. It affects all ages, but particularly teenage girls.