125th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, September 18th, from 11:30AM-1:30PM

Celebrating Our Past and Welcoming the Future –  Welcoming and Serving as Jesus Did
Thank you to all who joined us for our 125th  birthday party, September 18, 2022! We had a wonderful time!
Thank you!!!
Sarah Ringkor and Becca Jordan want to say thank you for the support of the congregation for the 125th celebration party.
From preparing our space, to cleaning up after the party, and everything in between, many helped make the event happen:  Jessica Gunther and the church council,  Dave Fey, Keith Lissant, Diane Deck, Dave Ringkor, Peter Jordan, Ellen Mead, Harriet Scholle, Carol Brockmeyer, Lauren Butz, Joan O’Brien, Sherry and Steve Mitchler, Adam and Sarah Wurr, Kate Dopuch, Suzie Benedum, Janet Roock, Jesse, Rachel, Ruthie, Lena, and Isaac Helton, Pastor Meagan, Mark Ruff, Diane Drollinger and the Choir, and many others that brought a dish or pitched in to help. 
Thank you all for making our celebration so fun and special! See you at the next party!

Christ Lutheran Dreams BIG and

Gives BIG for our 125th Anniversary

Help our community partners from Humanitri dream about their future
by providing gift cards for groceries and bedding items.
We suggest $125 to honor Christ Lutheran’s 125 years with a goal of
raising $1250.00. Any increment of $25.00 will be celebrated! Gift
card suggestions include: Aldi, Wal-Mart, Schnucks, or Save a Lot.
We will collect the cards at church that day and at our party.

We also have an Amazon Wish List from Humanitri. Items purchased
from the list will be delivered directly to the organization.

Humanitri is an organization providing services in the Lutheran
tradition and working to bring TRANSFORMATION to the families
they serve through housing, moderately intensive case
management and skill development. Humanitri believes that every
individual created and loved by God deserves to be treated with
dignity and given the opportunity for a new start. To learn more go
to https://humanitri.org/.