Give a Meal a Month

Menu for December 2018:  Canned ham, canned green vegetable, canned fruit,   brown rice or instant mashed potatoes, and powdered milk or shelf-stable boxed milk or soy milk. Return to the church by Sunday, December  16, 2018.
Optional Additional Items – Baby food month:   fruit, vegetables, baby cereal
Our members have faithfully supported this food outreach program which features monthly “menus” for purchase by congregational members and donated to the church. Our gifts of meals each month are distributed to those in need through the Webster-Rock Hill Ministries and the Feed My People  food pantries, and all we have to do to participate is to shop and bring items to church!  We welcome your support of our goal to ease hunger in our community.
  Program Purpose:
•    To stimulate the giving of congregations to the food pantry they choose to support
•    To encourage ongoing giving for an ongoing need
•    To offer structured giving to meet the needs of food pantries
•    A way for contributors to know that what they are giving is what is needed
•    To offer a convenient, affordable way for everyone to fight hunger
 •    To provide emergency assistance to members and visitors at CLC – the purpose is to share with one another


•    Each month a coordinator within the congregation plans a menu for the month.  This menu consists of four or five non-perishable items representing a balanced meal.
•    Copies of the menu are made available to the congregation through the monthly newsletter, along with the yellow bag bearing the GAMMA logo in the cabinet in the Fellowship Hall.
•    Members of the congregation are given the entire month to deliver the menu items in their yellow bags to the display at church (the due date is always the third Sunday of each month).
 •   The Food is divided between the two agencies on the third Wednesday of the month and delivered by volunteers.


 •    This has been a successful program at Christ Lutheran Church.  Each month, 8-10 bags of food are collected and delivered.  Both food pantries we partner with are able to distribute balanced meals to families of all sizes.  This program continues all year long, including during the summer months when food pantries traditionally have lower donations of food.